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At VoltsWagon™ we see a transport future for our planet which is much cleaner and more affordable than the current out-dated practice of burning dirty and expensive liquid fuels for our needs.

We cannot afford to be complacent about the future of our children.

We now know that we have been mainly responsible for the negative effects which cause global warming and climate change.

When the people of the world embraced the internal combustion engine as the answer to our transport energy needs, they weren’t to know that one day we would all have to embrace a cleaner form of transport, the electric car.

VoltsWagon™ is dedicated to helping further the electric car revolution as the cleanest and most efficient form of road transport.

As a part of the Irish Power Group, we design and assemble electric car chargers from our manufacturing base in Ireland.

Our solutions are tailor made for our customers who typically ask us to supply our car chargers to their homes, their places of work, and wherever cars are parked such as at : Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Hotels, B&B’s, Forecourts, Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Sports Grounds, Cinemas, Universities, Schools, etc etc. Installing car chargers at your property attracts electric vehicle drivers to your business, providing both new and repeat customers.

All of our electric car home chargers are eligible for the Irish Government’s new €600 grant available to those who buy any plug in electric car/hybrid after January 2018.

Simply contact us with your requirements here sales@voltswagon.ie

volts-wagon-about“I believe that the electric automobile will be the family carriage of the future” – so said Thomas Edison, the famous inventor and scientist, at the beginning of the last century. Since he uttered these words however, the world became addicted to wasteful fuel energy conversion, rather than more efficient electrical energy storage at the point of use.

Thankfully, polluting our planet’s environment with the improper use of its finite resources has become a major social no go area in many jurisdictions around the world.

Large corporate entities which put profit before ethical behaviour are having to adjust the way they behave, especially if they want to remain socially and culturally acceptable. Companies who spent years trying to further a cleaner future for our world by manufacturing electric vehicles and charging devices, have found out that they were competing with companies who were installing ‘cheat devices’ in their environmentally damaging combustion vehicles.

‘VoltsWagon™’ came into being as an antidote to the type of corporate thinking within the car industry that had no problem with telling lies to its customers. VoltsWagon™ is a distinctive brand based in Ireland, with operations in Dublin, Cavan and Mayo, and which has at its core a desire to cleanse the car industry of the pollution of lies, and of the pollution of combustion.

We design, assemble and install bespoke electric car chargers for use in the home, at work, along the street, and wherever cars are parked.
The electric car is not just something which might become the future – it HAS already become the future, because already we have altered our planet’s environment to such an extent by relying on burning things for our energy needs, that our climate has changed, and not for the better for so many people.

A glimpse back at history shows us that fortune has always favoured the brave, that organisations which don’t innovate begin to stagnate. People who favour the status quo are swept away by inevitable changes which became an imperative while the majority were sleeping.

Let us give you a few of the reasons why the electric car is quietly burying the combustion vehicle and those wedded to its survival.

  • Firstly, it has very few moving parts.

  • It requires little or no servicing.
  • It doesn’t need an exhaust pipe to dispel noxious fumes, because it doesn’t produce any.
  • It doesn’t need a silencer, because it doesn’t make any noise.
  • It doesn’t need a radiator, because it has no heat to waste.
  • It doesn’t need a timing belt, because it is simple.
  • It doesn’t need a clutch, because it doesn’t need a gearbox.
  • It doesn’t need a catalytic convertor, because it’s not dirty.
  • Its efficiency of 90% is bettered only by the inefficiency of the combustion vehicle.
  • It doesn’t need a fuel pump, because it doesn’t need to pump fuel.
  • It doesn’t need an alternator, because its battery is big enough for all its needs.
  • It doesn’t need an ignition system, because it doesn’t burn anything.
  • It doesn’t need you to spend ten times more on its day to day running than you should have known about.
  • It doesn’t pollute the environment, because it is clean.

VoltsWagon™ as an electric car charger company, is proud to be part of a mission driven initiative, which sees a cleaner future for our children and our planet.

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